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Feb 9, 2011 12:00pm EST
obama will be meeting with republican leaders over lunch to talk about ways to tackle government spending. the debate on where to cut and how much is heating up. kate amara has more from washington. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. today, president obama system with his republican rivals from the house, one day after the commission -- the congress signed off on what would be the largest budget cuts in history. >> on the lunch menu, the economy with a side of spending. president obama posting top republicans, including john boehner and eric cantor. >> there will be heavy discussion on the economy and on spending. >> with the national debt at a staggering $14 trillion, the focus in washington is on fiscal restraint. >> people are angry about bridges to know where. >> republicans and democrats generally agree something needs to be done, but clashed over how much and what needs to be done. >> we need to replace the culture of spendthrift in washington with a culture of thrift. >> is really about shining a spotlight on specific spending items that do not make sense. >> funding for g
Feb 11, 2011 12:00pm EST
. the obama admintration ss e decision to step down is a positive first step. >> the egyptian government and military now seem to be an agreement that president mubarak's adopt a more symbolic role. the president emphasized that his new position and he left hero and whzero showing that is no longer in the capital directing the day-to-day affairs of the country or managing the crisis. yesterday, he handed over his authority to the vice president. today, the army said it was excepting that transfer of power and said it would act to guarantee that the aspiration of the egyptian people are met. free and fair elections will be held and there will be no retribution against the demonstrators. the army is putting its credibility on the line but so far, the demonstrators are not accepting it. they don't trust the process even now that the army says it will guarantee a car they want mubarak to leave egypt and fear that ehe could even come back and change the system again. >> their reaction to the resignation is coming in quickly. this is what a few of our facebook friends had to separate"wow, i ho
Feb 14, 2011 12:00pm EST
. >> baltimore becomes the backdrop for a key issue on president obama's agenda. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. that is our big story this afternoon. investigating -- investing in america's education system, a big theme, and maryland is in the national spotlight, as president obama visit a school that he says it showcases the need for continued investment. tim tooten has more on the presidential visit. >> the president's visit to parksville was as much political as it was educational. mr. obama arrived at parkville middle school at 10:00 this morning. he had been planning this for some time it is visit to the school was short and sweet, lasting less than one hour. he stopped by an eighth grade science classroom. the white house says that the president pick to the school as the kind of school and program that the country needs to invest in. >> students in the magnet program here start out by taking courses in each of four subjects, from applied engineering to environmental science, gradually focusing their studies on one subject over the next couple of years. visit is partnt's of a bro
Feb 15, 2011 12:00pm EST
. >> president obama taking questionsrom the old executive office building, reporters and analyst will chew over what was said. we will look all day long at some of the answers, how they apply to this budget process going on in washington to the process in egypt and beyond. for our team in washington and new york, i'm brian williams. nbc news. we'll see you for "nightly news" tonight. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> live, local, late-breaking - this wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> another carbon monoxide leak at the dickey hill elementary school in west baltimore. is the second scare in as many weeks. good afternoon, exactly one week ago, a faulty steam cable in the cafeteria sent students home for that day. crews are faced with another co leak at the baltimore city school. we go live to west baltimore with the latest. >> we arrived this morning and we saw a parent's shaking their heads because they could not believe this was happening for another tuesday. one student had to be transported to a local hospital. fire trucks, ambulances, and bge cruz converged on the sc
Feb 24, 2011 12:00pm EST
there is enough support to overcome it. gayii's governor signed civil unions into law yesterday. president obama has ordered the justice department to stop defending the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act, define marriage only between and man and woman. the president has previously expressed his personal opposition to the defense of marriage act but has never stated an opinion related to its constitutionality. much of eastern libya is no longer under government control today as people turned against muammar gaddafi. thousands of people have fled the country. >> loyalists or firing at random reported the at the libyan capital, now a war zone. thousands of foreigners are struggling to leave tripoli. the airport is crowded but flights are few. mass graves are already being done to protect muammar gaddafi is still believed to be in tripoli, but his world is shrinking. there is now another libya, firmly in rebel hands. we drove 300 miles into libya and quickly reached a city on the mediterranean coast. suddenly, we drove into a protest parade children shouted "freak lydia." -- shouted "
Feb 17, 2011 12:00pm EST
, president barack obama is holding a strategy session at the white house with house democratic leaders as house members are marking their third day of debate on this year's spending bills republicans are trying to cut $61 billion from federal programs. in a flurry of amendments today, democrats will try to restore money for family planning programs and health research as conservatives work to cut arts funding. >> the only way we can get something done is it both democrats and republicans feel ownership for a planned. >> president obama did win one showdown vote in the house yesterday with help from the new class of republican freshmen. members voted to scrap $450 million in funding for a new military jet engine. in another turnaround, the gop- led house also approved amendments by democrats that would ease cuts to community development block grants and the program for hiring local police officers. these are programs that are very popular with local jurisdictions and cities like baltimore. >> thank you. the budget debate in washington will have an impact in baltimore. the current city b
Feb 3, 2011 12:00pm EST
president obama did. he will shake hands in the aisles. the governor will emphasize tough budget choices will have to be made this year. in addition to job creation -- which we talked about earlier -- the governor will discuss efforts to clean up the chesapeake bay. he will explain why offshore winds it energy represents the sing this greatest potential, in his words, to bring large schools. gillard scale renewable energy. with thousands of high-paying bring jobs expected to add. eight countries already expressed an interest in building wind turbines off of maryland's coast. next week's a house committee will get a briefing on the likelihood of building wind turbines off the coast of ocean city, maryland. >> let's talk about energy. the governor doesn't sound too pleased with the utility company's response during and after last week's storm. >> very interesting you bring back up. the governor sent a letter to pepco's chairman describing restoration efforts as the dismal. today, the governor will have emergency legislation introduced, in his words, to ensure ratepayers that utilities are
Feb 10, 2011 12:00pm EST
not confirm that mubarak will resign, but we are told the president obama is monitoring the situation. stay with us for the latest on this breaking news out of egypt. we will have updates as they become available. in the meantime, a teenage boy in a school uniform blew himself up at a pakistan the army recruitment center today, killing at least 20 cadets and injuring at least 20 more people. the attack comes as pakistan's army carries out a series of offensives against insurgents. the taliban is regrouping after a lull in major attacks. representative chris lee abruptly resigned just hours after a suggested a photo he sent was posted online. we have the latest from washington. >> the congressmen step down abruptly, shortly after the news broke and spread like wild through his suburban district. a bare-chested photosensor to a woman who posted -- photo was sent to a woman who posted an ad on at craigslist. the congressman is married with a child. >> everybody makes mistakes. nobody seems to be able to live with what they do. >> it is a very, very public life. wherever you go, anywhere, you k
Feb 21, 2011 12:00pm EST
start growing this economy quicker. >> president obama has urged congress to compromise. the house speaker has out there will be november refunding without serious slashing. with the debt at record levels, republicans think this time at the public is behind them. with the clock ticking and neither side ready to blink, we could soon find out. >> the military would remain active. government checks would still go out, a new applications for federal programs like social security might be delayed. back to you. >> the governor joins u.s. transportation secretary for the ribbon cutting ceremony launching maryland's first electronic trop road. today marks the opening of the first part of the inter county connector, which opens to the public on wednesday this will expand to i-95 by the end of the year. it will try to meet times for american drivers. >> this will be a significant benefit to the computers in maryland and people that live along the roadways. and they can now get on to this roadway instead of driving a long record -- local roadways. in conjunction, they will launch commuter bus
Feb 23, 2011 12:00pm EST
] >> president obama called him to congratulate him. you set to take office on may 16. freezing rain is being blamed for a maltese vehicle pileup on interstate 64 in st. louis. five fire department vehicles were involved. at least 21 people were taken to hospitals with injuries. one person is in critical condition. covering the world, a new zealand rescue worker film the rescue of two people trapped inside of a collapsed building. one woman was able to walk out. new zealand rescue workers continued to pull survivors of the rubble. several dozen are still feared trapped inside of several buildings in christchurch. the death toll is at 75. the number is expected to increase. a price hike could dampen travel plans. if you think you have a dead-end job, tips on finding something better. >> i am so not used to having eyebrows looks so perfect. >> the latest on helping eyebrow-challenged women. >> we are high and dry right now, but another storm system will develop. it could mean a lot of rain. sunny skies right now. 38 at the airport. 39 downtown. >> in our consumer alert, another price hike for m
Feb 7, 2011 12:00pm EST
way. >> in an interview with fox news, president obama said it changes under way in egypt. >> egypt will not go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. >> but the crowd in tahrir square this morning what more. they want president hosni mubarak out. >> he has the right to live in egypt, but he has to cede power. >> what is important is that the egyptian people understand that their demands are being met. >> the vice president met with opposition groups this weekend, nearly two weeks into the protest. the government is now making concessions -- hands off the internet and protesters. he admits his hands are tied. >> we can do what president mubarak said and we cannot do more. >> mubarak is the wild card. he will not leave, and until he does, protesters won't, either. >> a retired american nurse caught up in the protest and egypt has been reunited with her son in the u.s. today. she was arrested from her apartment building in cairo could she was forced to fend off writers with a rolling pin and a knife. she would not say how she was able to escape, out of concern for whoe
Feb 16, 2011 12:00pm EST
, a message for men that >> president obama hens -- hands out the highest medal of honor to 15 recipients. president h. w. bush was one of them. he presented the award during a ceremony at the white house. the medal is awarded to people who have made significant contributions to u.s. national security, world peace, cultural and other endeavors. the power is back on at disney anld's magic kingdom after hour outage tuesday morning. it shut down one of several air compressors affecting some of the rides. things were back to normal about two hours later. still to come, a nationally known book store files for bankruptcy. in this afternoon's consumer alert, get ready to dig deeper for necessities needed to keep the household running. >> have we got a forecast for you, that is if you like going outside in warm weather. i what your forecast right after the break. -- i >> in this afternoon consumer alert, groceries and gasoline -- necessities in about every american household. a major budget items for most families in this country. get ready to dig deeper into your pocket in the coming weeks at th
Feb 25, 2011 12:00pm EST
with president barack obama and other democratic governors to talk about job creation. martin o'malley chairs the group and they will discuss with the president how to coordinate federal and state efforts to spur job growth. other democrats scheduled to attend include massachusetts governor deval patrick, and others. the wisconsin assembly has passed a bill that would strip of public workers of their collective bargaining rights. democratic members of the house erupted this morning as republicans moved for a vote ending 60 hours of debate over the controversial bill. democrats say there were caught off guard and about clause before many of them had a chance to register. the bill goes before the state senate. >> libya is no longer under government control. rebels are close to taking over the nation's capital of tripoli. moammar khaddafi ordered protestor to be opened fire upon. >> ben gazi on the coast is a rebel-held city agreed nt- qaddafi graffiti covers the walls here in libya's second- largest city. over the main building fly libyan flags, the old ones from before qaddafi took power. >thi
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13